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Crowd wisdom investments - the future in your hands

Cut the middleman

One of the greatest and innovative things about CrowdWiz is that it lets you cut all kinds of intermediaries. Our structure makes it possible for investors to deal directly with other investors and access funding, various bids and prices which otherwise might be blocked or interfered by middlemen for exchange.

Utilizing the wisdom of the crowd

We strongly believe in the power of investors! That’s why we allow them to use their full potential by giving their control back. The incapability of already established banking and financial institutions has created strong demand for this change.


How does it work?

The WizFund platform is a liberated ecosystem of investors, bringing flexibility and freedom through advanced technology. Every member has the right to vote and take the decision where and how the fund should invest. Token-holders are free to invest in newly-created funds or establish WizFunds of their own. Software wizard will guide you through the process.

The fund, portfolio type, voting mechanism, IFO (Initial Fund Offering) and fund size are among a comprehensive list of various parameters that can be set up.

The WizFund platform is open to different numbers and social groups of investors - starting from families and co-workers, to entire neighbourhoods and cities, or even countries and continents, all whose citizens share the same goal.

A crowd-managed, self-directing exchange platform

At WizExchange token owners have the power themselves to determine which tokens are listed or removed for exchanging by a voting process. The platform enables everyone on board to delete assets from it, if anyone suspect fraudulent activity or malicious practices.

A place where developers can build various tools and add-ons

We support the community by giving them the opportunity to offer their work through the app store. Thus our ecosystem will expand firmly and steadily.

In the CrowdWiz ecosystem all participants are welcome to contribute with newly-developed voting and trading mechanisms, analysis tools and signals. The publisher can also set the pricing model for the third party apps.

Highly secured voting system

We believe in the fair game! In order to do that we use blockchain for our voting procedures and records. That is why they will always be publicly visible and transparent.

Various options on voting rules and other mechanisms are engaged to protect the ecosystem from fraudulent activity, including malicious voting from multiple addresses. The system allows entitled members to vote on which assets WizFunds should invest in and which ones are to be added or removed from the asset index of WizExchange. This also goes to all other CrowdWiz investment products.

Smart and safe investment process

WizInvestment serves as an encompassing suite for our crowd wisdom-managed products, which will make the investment smarter and safer.

The WizFund platform and Wiz Exchange are already incorporated and will be followed by WizLending, WizInsurance, WizProperties and more.

A smart way of trade tracking

WizTrader enhances the performance and offers liquidity solutions through integration with all major, reputable exchanges. The fully automated trade execution ensures the lowest possible market prices at an unrivaled processing speed.

Whenever volumes increase substantially, larger trades are divided into smaller ones and executed by multiple public addresses, while all trading history, statistics, various analysis and profitability are displayed on an elegant, user-friendly dashboard.


What is a WizFund?

The WizFund platform is the natural sequel of our successful work in the field

As the pioneer in our line of investment products, it allows participants to offer, assess and act on investment opportunities as one against the market, thanks to their collective wisdom and insight.

All capital decisions are subjected to a voting process executed through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network, guaranteeing an investment process of unmatched fairness and transparency, so the crowd can determine the best actions.

CrowdWiz highlights


Freedom and decentralization are the founding pillars for crypto enthusiasts – characteristics, which can be applied to take control of your investment strategies.

Collective wisdom

CrowdWiz offers decentralization of investment with the opportunity to seamlessly create or join crowd-managed crypto funds.

User friendly

With a full range of customized tools, market analysis and news feeds the CrowdWiz Ecosystem is engaging and innovative, while also fun and easy to utilize.


CrowdWiz project start

Q4 2016

Token sale

Q4 2017

WizFund beta

Q3 2018

WizExchange beta

Q4 2018

Project announcement

Q3 2017

WizFund platform official launch

Q3 2018

WizExchange official launch

Q1 2019


Worlds' first crowd wisdom fund is born

Native WizApp


Create or join WizFunds in minutes

WizFund platform
IFO (Initial Fund Offering)


WizInvestments platform release


Token sale

The WIZ token grants exclusive access to the CrowdWiz Ecosystem. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Token sale and become part of the first crowd.

Funds allocation

  • Operations - 12%
  • Legal - 5%
  • Community development - 12%
  • Reserve - 4%
  • Marketing & bizdev - 12%
  • Ecosystem development - 55%

Token allocation

  • Founding Team - 15%
  • Reserve - 10%
  • Further development - 10%
  • Token sale - 65%

Token sale parameters

Start Date
20th November 2017 (12:00 UTC)
End date
31st January 2018 (12:00 UTC)
Token sale hard cap
$ 10 million
Minimum goal to start
$ 5 million
Accepted Currencies
Token exchange rate
1 WIZ = 1 USD
Min. transaction amount in ETH
0.1 ETH
Min. transaction amount in BTC
0.01 BTC
Min. transaction amount in LTC
0.5 LTC
3 days: +15% bonus
5 days: +10% bonus
10 days: +5% bonus
After: no bonuses

Token value

  • The WIZ Tokens give you voting rights across the entire ecosystem
  • Trade WIZ Tokens on major exchanges
  • Create your own WizFund and perform IFOs
  • Join WizFunds and participate in IFOs
  • Trade Crowd tokens on WizExchange

IFO - Initial fund offering



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    Our Team

    Check Our Alpha

    Michael Golod

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Slavena Savcheva

    Co-Founder and BizDev

    Martin Parvanov

    Trading Product Manager

    Stan Kirilov

    UI/UX Strategist

    Dror Levy

    Blockchain Architect

    Alexander Lvovich

    Software Architect

    Orlin Benov

    Solidity Developer

    Radoslav Hristov

    Back-End Developer

    Deanne Kalev

    QA Manager

    Georgi Stamatov

    R&D Manager

    Sergey Minkov

    Senior IT Architect

    Alexandra Poier

    Community Manager

    Benjamin Truman

    Online Marketing

    Stanislav Staykov


    Plamena Getova


    Nadezhda Kasabova

    Finance Manager


    Richard Titus


    Michael Greenberg

    Founder and CEO of Finance Magnates

    Marc Kenigsberg

    Founder of

    Simon Grunfeld

    Founder & Executive Director of Ibinex

    Delzar Khalaf

    CEO of ICO Backers

    Jonathan Millet

    Founder of NewsBTC

    Andrei Veressov

    Founding Partner and attorney at Bright Law

    Ayelet Noff

    Founder and CEO of Blonde2.0

    Francisco Jo

    Founder & CIO at Coinhills


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